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31th May 2014 / Admin
Jackpot slot machines

A growing number of slot machine jackpots, in the online world. This may be because the players were aware of a lot more chances to win jackpots slot machine than, say, the lottery winning numbers to hit. This fact, as sometimes even in a lottery price is enough to make anyone become a millionaire. Take, for example, is based on the infamous Mega Fortune online slot machine! The waiting three jackpot that someone gets hold of them.

Not too long ago was it ever happened that a young guy is a total of € 0.25 cent stakes changed his life one fell swoop. Think it was to play one and try him luck. Not sure if he thought of that day become a millionaire, but it happened. The lucky player won more precisely and thus set the Mega Fortune slot machine current maximum € 17 million was record.


Mega Fortune is the first jackpot online slot machine jackpot, where casino player with all the world's vote of confidence.

If you then still think they would have been well if the then Major or Rapid jackpot wins, as they too broadly about the Major: € 200,000 to € 1-2000 Rapid and it used to be. Because it would have been a good is nominal money paid € 10.


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