Will Console Gaming Replace Slot Machines?

9th Sept 2015 / Admin

Slot machines have always been the most magnetic section in casinos. In places like New Zealand and Australia these areas known as Pokies and in many places in Europe, the term used for them is Puggy. There was a time when few other games clubbed with a majority of slot games were considered a perfect combination for a casino. Inducted in the year 1891 by Pitt and Sittman of New York, slot based games contribute about 70 percent to the casino's income in America. It can be said that the 19th century belongs to slot machines; the20th century to poker and 21th century belongs to console gaming and online gaming. Although video games first appeared in 1951 but the real revolution took place in late 80's, when a critical mass of people started to get their hands on them. Science has been very generous to mankind and the world of gambling embraces it with open arms.

With technology some traditional games are now easily accessible and easier to understand than they were before. For example to play poker one needed to find a casino, wear a good suit with a tie and carry a lot of money. But with the arrival of the online casino one can give poker a try while lying on their couch. Indeed much has been changed after the internet's arrival. Slot style gaming is older and the most orthodox, but console gaming is a fairly recent and modern way of playing games. It's tradition versus modernization. Players who grew up after the 1980's on Xboxes and Playstations became familiar with high quality graphics and a lot more versatility than what the traditional slot machine games could offer.

At many land based casinos the trend of only the aging players playing at the slot machines is clearly visible. Online casino game software makers have been quick to notice this trend and have lately introduced several console type games at mobile and online casinos. This trend is likely to continue and get stronger as younger players replace the older ones. Quick to catch on are casino gaming software makers like Microgaming and Playtech who have mastered the art of producing some high action games with interactive features. Casino Bonus Tips is one site that will give you objective reviews of online casinos and the games so you can experience great entertainment and maybe even be wallet happy! One needs to understand that both gaming types are fun and it would be highly immature to pick a favorite. But if you're a player who grew up on the Nintendo or the Gameboy and wants a similar experience, only with real money this time around, read up online casino reviews to see which online casinos offer the best in console style real money gaming.


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