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Slots are more fun if they offer something for the eye and are simultaneously profitable. Both applies to Gemstone Jackpot Online Slot Games. The game is a real eye-catcher. It also gives you the opportunity to make tons of money from the virtual diamonds on five reels . Gemstone Jackpot is a slot where the machine is all about gems and a full treasure chest with all sort of diamonds. With Gemstone Jackpot there are a total of seven different diamonds , each one differ in color . It starts with the big orange diamond , followed by purple and yellow , blue and green , then red and finally comes the white diamond. What do you need to know Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend Marilyn sang already several decades ago and has not changed until today . But what has changed is the fact that now diamonds and gems are also man's best friends, because they earn in such online slot machines like Jackpot Gemstone really high profits .

Gemstone Jackpot is a classic machine with 5 reels and 10 paylines . The goal is to have at least three same-colored diamonds directly adjacent to one another on a payline . Each of the 7 different diamond colors here has a different prize value . The Slot has no free spins and no scatter symbols . In addition, no bonus games are provided . The Slot has no multipliers and is not divided into different levels . A special feature of the Gemstone jackpot Novoline is the " Lock & Spin " feature . This feature starts with a winning combination on one or more lines . All icons of the current winning combination is fixed , the remaining positions rotate again . The player wins as long as while it spins no additional symbols fall. Those who manage to reach a frame in Gemstone jackpot with white diamonds , can hit the jackpot.


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