Jackpot won during automatic start!

2th June 2014 / Admin
Arabian Nights jackpot

Very fortunate for the player, who took the Arabian Nights slot machine jackpot of over € 2 million. In fact, not been the case now, but we feel we need to write a few sentences about it, since it is not everyday case we are talking about. The reason is that the lucky player is not sitting at your PC when the jackpot is won. Yes! Fully else was busy!

It decided to deposit the casino account, players will start the automatic start continue to function and do its job. Consequently, it also took a little time! Sometimes, sometimes looking at the game saw that once down and later up in the net. Was not a cause for concern, as it was up to the amount paid to lose. And the purse was not at all burdensome amount. We believe that touch every casino player so ought to think!


Only a single bet and can get up to € millions jackpot! This offers the players for the popular Arabian Nights jackpot online slot game.

Only an amount that can not play sorry! After a while, the players returned to the re-computer and saw that the little balance soared. The previous amount of more than € 2 million with more! At first, one thought immediately exited and restarted the Arabian Nights slot machine! But no matter the amount was still there! Then knew that she had become a millionaire!


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